Offset text

I need the hel from the helds of the sketchUp

I would like to 3d print a label (with my name) for my door
I have create a flat surface with relief text (to priunt in black)
And a cover with the negative empty text ( to print in white)
But i need to have a gap between the positive and negative text ( to compensate the printer resolution)
I have try to scale the text but if I do this it change the position (also with ctrl press)
Offset command do not work
How I can solve my problem?


How about sharing your SKP file as far as you’ve got it so we can see what you’ve got?

No problem the file is heretarghetta.skp (878.5 KB)

So I understand you want something like this. Is that correct?

Start with the text as 2D and make a copy of it. Make the copy unique and then use Offset on the edges. I used an offset distance of 0.1mm. Then make the extrusions as needed.

Good idea it’s work fine (it is not fast as simply offset but…)
Thanks for your help

It took 5 days?

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No just 20 min but during the week I have a work and a little boy that need to play with his father :slight_smile:


The model is ok on sketchup but when I slide it is wrong??? Cura create the hole for the letters but full fill the last layers
I need to investige about it on cura forum

It is just a wrong setting on cura (fill the holes)

So it works fine?

Yes it is as a design

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