Custom lettering font edging

can’t seem to get the tool to let me subtract it… what am I doing wrong here?

The box you are trying to use as a cutter needs to be a solid group or component, too.

Actually if all you want to do is cut a hole through the letter where the rectangle is. You could open the letter component for editing, draw the rectangle and use Push/Pull to push it down through the letter.

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I am suspecting, based on the questions being asked, that you may benefit from taking the SketchUp Campus course. Totally free but an amazing way to answer these sorts of basic questions without having to post questions on the forum - Sketchup Campus Fundamentals.


that worked great thanks so much… I have another question which is editing the offset after you have saved it. I need to reduce the size of the offset but I can’t seem to just select the offset. Help please?


You can’t just edit the offset. Scale isn’t the right tool for the job. If you need to make it wider, add another offset inside the original and pull it up with Push/Pull. Then erase the unneeded edges.


ahh… the erase tool… cool…