How do you do a 3d outline of text?

help?? I am creating a 3d nametag for our kids program. i typed my name in SNAP font, and put it on a splat background. I printed it with green for the background and changed the filament at the text layer, and it came out ok. My wife thinks I need to outline the text with black as the second filament and then do the text in white as a third layer.

I tried to just make a copy of each letter and then scale them, then place the larger one “behind” the smaller, but this does not work.
Is there a simple way to “outline” a font letter???

Perhaps the offset tool might do what you want. (In the video, I double-click to get the same offset on each letter)

This IS what I am looking for, as long as what the video colored black can be "push"ed down to a different height, so when I print, i can change filaments to create the same effect…
Thank you, I will try.

As a suggestion, I would use Eneroth Auto Weld on the 3D Text geometry before using Offset. And for letters such as A, D, e, P, and o, you might want to outline the openings as well.

Sorry Dave, but I am VERY new to this 3d stuff. I used Sketch-Up for wood working years ago, but i started again when the museum I work at bought a 3d printer and asked me to TEACH kids how to use it. I was a Pastor of Children’s Ministry for three decades, so not super tech savvy… Therefor as a complete Noob, what do you mean Eneroth auto weld??? is it different than the default weld in left click? why? Is it worth the $10 to get? What are you recommending me to do to the text?

It’s an extension. Much faster than the native Weld and will go through the selected geometry and weld any edges that can be welded. I use it enough to think it’s worth the price. It will ensure that you can select entire loops of edges as in my GIF.

I was suggesting you might want to offset around openings as in the A here.

so the auto weld does the offsets? or after using offset? I just installed offset, and not sure what numbers to type to get the results like yours above…

sorry, just lost… In 2D graphics, I use CorelDraw, and I would just add an outline. With the offset tool, I expected some explanation how to do what you did in your answer, but, again, LOST…

No. Autoweld welds the edges together so you can quickly and easily select them for offsetting.

What? Offset is a native tool.

Where did that come up in the discussion? What are you expecting it to do for you in this case?

This is what I want to print. Thank you for your help. I did not realize the native offset tool was there or what it did. when you and the other person said offset, I went to extensions… again, my mistake.
When I do the print, the lifted offset will be with a black filament, so highlighting the white text.
Again, your guidance was a big help.

You’re welcome.

Do you want the perimeter of the hole in the A to look like the outer perimeter? That’s what I thought you’d want. Maybe not.

I manually did it. thanks