Extrude curve edges

I need your help guys.

Pretty new to SketchUp and i have a specific problem that i’m not finding a tutorial for.
I need 3D letters for a video with this precise bevel. The bevel needs to go around and create D.
But i seems to always create a flat surface and with a bit of a crooked side.

Can someone explain how i fix this?

There are some things Autofold will have trouble resolving. You can draw in the edges between the outside and the cnterline either before or after you raise it.

I made a quickie example. In this case I had to add a few on the inside instead but the idea is the same. I softened edges afterward.

You can help Autofold by adding some edges from the perimeter to the middle line before moving the miffle ridge up.

[As an aside, I edited the title to change “cruve” to “curve” - I hope you don’t mind, @SMDCOMMV ]

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Worked like a charm! Thank you for the quick responses.
Big love!

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You can use a plugin like curviloft if you have to do it with a lot of letters, it will do the job for you, just select the edges, run the plugin and it will create the mesh automatically.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Letter D in 3D text with beveled top.skp (328.6 KB)