Better way to make smooth numbers

Hey I’ve never asked a question before on here but I’m having trouble.

I need to make a ton of numbers into cut files but sketchups 3D Text tool doesn’t put enough segments on the curve of the numbers.

Normally I don’t mind and will just clean them up but I 100s of them and want to know if anyone knows a good extension or a better way

Maybe consider creating the text in something like Inkscape and exporting a dxf file to insert into SketchUp. How are you using the model after you have the numbers in it?

They are going to be address signs so the numbers have to be attached to a bar the bottom.

But I do like the Inkscape idea

I just did this as an example. Letters just picked for roundness.

In Inkscape:

Saved as .dxf and imported into SketchUp. Native 3D text in the background, imported .dxf in the forground with faces added and extruded.

Are they just for images or are you using the file for CNC cutting or something?

Might help to import the .dxf using meters for the import units. Scale down if needed to the right size after getting the geometry in.

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Yeah they are being cut out in a plasma table, I struggle getting things scaled right for plasma through ink scape so I always want to double check in sketch up to make sure it’s good to go.

I’ll give this a shot and see how it comes out.

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You can also get some good results with Fredo’s Curvizard. Combine that with a face maker shortcut and Joint pushpull and you can make lettering quite quickly.
Smooth text