3D Text - How do you smooth the edges?

Hi All,

I’m looking to get a number ‘10’ laser cut in a particular font. Is there a way to make numbers/letters smoother? What I currently have is jagged and not quite what I’d like cut. See attached image.

Please let me know how to create a smoother shape for laser cutting. Thank you!

Sketchup uses segmented curves, Circles and arcs can be exported as true circles and arcs but ‘curves’ will always be segmented and there isn’t an easy way to add segments to make it smoother in 3d text.
For lettering you would be better off using a program that will export vectors for your laser to use.

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Thanks for the reply! Ok, I see. Well now I know. Figured there might be something I’m missing!

Thank you.

Affinity designer[$50] can take a segmented curve and edit the nodes it into a smooth vector unfortunately it cannot export DXF… only SVG or PDF / AI files … perennial problem with 2D / 3D interoperability…

Inkscape can export DWF {free} as can CorellDraw [$500}.

this lack of data interchange is a constant frustration!

If you really want to do this in SketchUp, you could use Fredo6’s Smooth Contours in the Curvizard tool set to improve the smoothness. Place your 3D text without extruding it and run Smooth Contours. Extrude after smoothing. I did that to the copy of the O on the right. Probably best to work at a larger scale, too. It still won’t be as good as using Vector glyphs in the first place but it might be workable in your situation.