Curic Studio crashes on MacOS (10.12.6), SketchUp Pro 2019.3 (permanent license)


Has anybody here experienced Curic Studio crashing SketchUp (MacOS 10.12.6, SketchUp version 2019.3)?

Even if I have ALL other extensions deactivated, and the whole “studio” reinstalled, any click on any “Studio’s” tool palette’s button kills Sketchup immediately.

Are there any known typical extension/version conflicts?

I tried to reactivate other of Curic extensions, they don’t cause this problem, as they haven’t before.

I tried to contact the author, but no reply at all… No support, forum, FAQ… $100…

Any idea?

How long has it been since you contacted Curic?

Some recent issues with other plugins, Curic has, seemingly, responded fairly promptly…

I have a number of his paid for plugins on a PC and no problems so far on 2019.3.

3 days ago (FB, mail).

I trust you that on Win platform runs well, the extensions look brilliant, but the support for Mac hasn’t been there from the very beginning.

So I’m hopping someone experienced with it on macOS will read this thread…

Crash Log…

BUG_SPLAT_LOG.txt (100.5 KB)


@voquochai ?

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macOS system update (10.12.6–>10.15.2) did the job. Some of the functions from the package still do crash, but most seem to be OK.

Similar problems on a PC - just purchased $99 studio, based on YouTube demo of Curic Section View mostly for the Controller, which looks useful. However, after the install - there is no Controller. I’ve rest the workspace just in case it was out of view. No joy.
Can anyone tell me if there is a trick to access the slider?
Thank you