Creating Customized Toolbars in Layout

Tried to create a toolbar in layout (following suggestion in book by Brightman) and eventually managed to drag icons to new toobar but not the option to have drop down - as in pencil line and freehand below)
Any thoughts?
have a screen shot…but forgotten how to add … sorry

There are a few tools that have the drop down option. They are already in the default toolbar layout, though. At least currently there isn’t any way to make your own drop downs. All you can do is drag tools from the list to the toolbar.

Thanks Dave, on the ball as always
I started with the ‘pencil and freehand tool’ which has a drop down as standard and thought (maybe foolishly) the same would occur when I created a customized toolbar…maybe not

The only ones that have that option have the arrow at the right end.

You can take it a step further, too:

I did see a guide on how to do that and create an icon for inserting SU model…but think I should walk before trying to run…