Cannot Add Tools to Custom Toolbars in Layout


Using SU Pro 2018

While trying to customize my Layout workflow I have found I cannot populate a “New toolbar”
with commands. When I try to drag a command (From the Customize/Commands) into a new toolbar I get a small square next to the cursor with an “x” in it. This means to me something is not allowed…. but why?


What do you mean with new toolbar? There is only one on Mac.


In Layout you are able to create acustom toolbar and populateit with commands.


As in SketchUp on the Mac, you can drag tools to the toolbar at the top of the main window. You can’t make custom toolbars, though.


You are correct on the Mac… You can create custom toolbars in Windows… I am referring to Layout here.


Your profile indicates your operating system is “Apple” which is apparently incorrect and is misleading.


Creating a custom toolbar seems to work for me in LayOut on Windows.


You haven’t made it clear what you are doing, your profile says Apple so we all assume you want help with a mac, at no stage did you say I’m trying to do this in layout on a Windows machine.
However, make sure you position it correctly. And use ctrl to copy rather than just drag.


Dave… Thank you for the response and demo.! I have both Mac and Windows systems and relize Mac does not have the same features as Windows. I appreciate this demo and it should work for me when I get back to work…


Bob… Sorry for the confusion and thank you for this demo… Exactly what I needed to see…


Thank you and apologize for the confusion. Have since edited my profile. I would like to know how you included those video demo replys… those are excellent!


You can use Licecap for instance, it produces GiF’s, which you can easily upload here on this forum.
But there are others out there.


…from ‘Apple’ to ‘Both Apple and Windows’

Many questions and their solutions are very OS specific! You’ll get a different answer for Win 10 than you’ll get for Win 7 or 8.1 or XP etc etc as for Apple there are specific fixes for issues that crop up only in certain builds.
So please be a little more specific, the question isn’t there for show.

By the way, Radon is a noble gas not a type of Graphic card.
Faults caused by graphic drivers are very common and can often be spotted by seeing what graphic card you are using.
So again, could you tell us what you have so next time we can give you informed answers.

Help us to help you.


So you use SU on both a PC and a Mac?

I don’t know if this is possible or advisable (others may say), but you might be able to create two profiles on this forum, say cyclefanaticmac and cyclefanaticpc. All details would be identical except for the platform and maybe your video card. You would have to remember which username to use according to whether your question is PC or Mac based, but you would then get more targeted advice.