Droste effect

Having some fun on windows with customizing toolbars in LayOut, there is a built-in image editor that let’s you create or modify the icons. Since there where non for clipping masks, I created some. The image editor is a tiny pixel editor inside the windows version of LayOut, and you can even customize the image editor, too!!


guess what the bomb does?


Turns your computer to a Macintosh Plus. Seen that, been there.


I was showing a guy the basics of some CNC cam software one day.

I said: “this is a polyline so we need to explode it”.

His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

I said: “I’ll tell you now, this isn’t going to be anywhere near as exciting as you think it will be”:joy:


Perhaps SketchUp or whatever you used should come with sound and screen effects.


Something like this?

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Could your new Clipping mask icon be at all related to a certain pesky little ailment doing the rounds right now? Perhaps instead of reading Create Clipping Mask, it should read Covid Aware Area?


That’s what can happen when a gun dog fails to take suitable firearms precautions I guess.

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The real thing:


Begin the beguine?

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Since I live in the Zaanstreek, I kinda relate anything with chocolate…

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I would like to swear out aloud!!!

Another new Sketchup Release

Another rebuilding all my custom toolbars for Layout

Seriously amateurish software LAYOUT is

Why do users have to make their own icons for basic [any] software commands?

Why can’t LO remember my customisation on upgrades ???

Why can’t it even allow me to manual save my customisation

Wasting hours with all this #%#^#

LAYOUT is no laughing matter

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Upgrading basically means installing another program. It’s a relic from the ‘classic license era’. With the new introduced fileformat, which basically means that any future version of SketchUp can be opened with 2021,I hope they tend to switch to a ‘versionless’ version and upgrades.

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I’m tired of bashing Layout. I’m going to be it’s paladin from now on.


Chief of 12 peers in Charlemagne’s court, a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry!
LayOut does need one of those!