Custom Layout Toolbar Gone After Crash

Hey All, this just happened to me twice.

I created a custom toolbar in Layout, the first time by clicking “new” and starting from scratch, and the second time by modifying the “Main Toolbar”. I’m working on editing some custom scrapbooks and experienced two separate crashes. Usually, not much of an issue, since the work is all recoverable, but both times the custom toolbar I created had defaulted back to the original layout, and the new one that I named “Ciro’s Custom Toolbar” was erased.

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated, and let me know if I can give any other helpful info. Thanks!


Two things spring to mind, did you close and reopen Layout after creating your toolbar. That’s pretty obvious but I have to ask.

Did you install Sketchup using the Run as Admin method? Not doing it this way can lead to some strange issues on windows. If not or you can’t remember it’s worth doing a repair, find the install.exe and right click and choose Run as admin, the choose repair when given the option. This won’t effect any extensions or toolbars etc it just cleans up the installation itself.

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Hey! The obvious solution works. I thought because I was saving the files that I was working on while customizing the toolbar that it was also saving those changes. Makes sense to close and reopen the program after finishing the customizations now. Hoping this anchors the settings, even with a future crash.

Thanks for the help!

It’s an easy thing to get caught out on, I often move toolbars around to record gifs and I forget which instance I closed last and I open up my default to find toolbars in the wrong place.


Well, you might have to save some files if you want to keep them after an update, I keep mine on Trimble Connect:
In the roaming AppData:

And in the local AppData:

Keep them somewhere save and replace after an update (or upgrade)

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