Layout update lost all my customized toolbars and menus

There was an update the other day and Layout lost all my toolbar customizations.
This is super annoying - layout is frustrating enough already how about when it updates MAKING IT MIGRATE THE TOOLBARS AND STUFF.


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How did you go about installing the recent updated SketchUp and LayOut? Did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

sketchup prompted me to install an update and i clicked OK


I only asked the question to get clarification. Sorry for trying to help. Good luck.

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hey, not meaning to snap at ya.
pretty sure it is too late for any kind of FIX really… any effort to recover old config would probably take more work than just dealing with it and doing it again.

mainly i want the sketchup people to see my complaint as a user who they’ve served poorly

Well, all I can say is I didn’t lose my custome toolbar setup when I installed 2023.1. I don’t think it’s a universal thing to lose them.

BTW, I’m not employed by Trimble. The sages are all just users who volunteer their time trying to help other users.

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Same thing happend to me… Annoying indeed…

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It happened to me on Layout but not on sketchup, I ran the installer as admin.

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Was it an update from 2022 to 2023, or 2023.0 to 2023.1?

Tagging @trent in case it’s something the team needs to look into.

23 to 23.1

That shouldn’t have disturbed anything. Let’s see what Trent says.

2023.0 to 2023.1 as well

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Due to the UI library we currently use on Windows for LayOut, we had to reset toolbars because we added a few new menu items for the 2023.1 release. This is unfortunately the expected behavior when upgrading to 2023.1.