Exporting/reimporting toolbars and tray layouts

I apologise if this comes out as a bit of a rant, however I have a really annoying bug that happens about once a month, if not every 2 months, where for some inexplicable reason the trays/UI of layout will glitch out, almost like the trays are having a fit.
I think its something to do with the trays or items on the trays (buttons, selectors etc) trying to find their ‘spot’ but cannot do so, every button or item goes white and starts moving around in the trays.

After approx 20-30 seconds, Layout will crash, and my toolbar and tray setout is reset to the default. I’ve found killing the Layout process when the glitch happens (before it crashes) will keep my toolbar and tray setout ‘intact’.

I have attached a video below, its from last year using Layout 2022 but its very similar to issues i’ve had in L2023. (also should note, its not just editing dimensions, i’ve had it happen when changing labels, callouts, and just copy/pasting items.)

Also, I had a similar issue this morning where layout saved&closed, i didn’t see any glitching, but for some reason the saved layout file had disappeared completely (only the backup remained), and i lost all the toolbar and tray settings.

My question is, is it possible to export/import a saved tray/toolbar setout (even if it means copying Layout’s files from one place to another)?

Keen to hear anyones thoughts,

We don’t mind rants.

@Adam and @trent may have ideas about the initial problem, and will know if you can export toolbar settings.

I found a solution (kind of).

Layout 2023 seems to store the data for toolbar and tray settings in its appdata folder here:
C:\Users"Your Username Here"\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\LayOut
(Replace “Your Username Here” with whatever your user is).

In this folder there should be 3 files which store the data, highlighted below:

To export or save your current tray and toolbar settings, copy these 3 files to another location outside** of the current folder (for example ‘My Documents’).
Then in future, if you need to ‘reload’ or import these settings, copy the saved files back into the “Layout” folder, overwriting any existing files there.

**My guess is that as this is a folder in the appdata directory, Layout will remove files in here after a crash or for some other reason to ‘reset’ itself, so save the ‘backup’ somewhere else to avoid it being deleted as well.

Note: this is a method that worked for me, but its a ‘bodge’ job, and should probably only be used if there isn’t any other method available.

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