Super Annoying Layout Trays!

This is super annoying and wastes my time.

It happens maybe once a week.

Randomly Layout will, blink is the best way to describe it, and the floating custom trays that I have laboriously set up are deleted and reset to the Default Tray which is docked.

I’m on latest Layout version.

The tray system in Layout is generally a bit wanting. It seems (for me) that any tray that is wider than 599 pixels gets reset to 300px if it is moved or when you start a new Layout session.

I agree with the previous comment. For the second day in a row, when I open Layout, my workspace is reseted to the default (large icons, there ir only the Default Tray, lost extra icons in the Default Toolbar, lost Ultra Toolbar). This has happened in the past as well.

I’m amazed that nowhere is it possible to save new, personalized workspace settings like in many other programs. Also, the workspaces are not tied to templates, so saving the template would save the workspace settings as an alternative.

Have you both used the Right Click Run as Administrator method of installing Sketchup.
If not try it and choose Repair when given the option.

yep (right click administrator)

Although since posting this, it hasn’t happened or hasn’t happened enough for me to get annoyed.

I’m trying out another way to access the trays. I’ve set up free floating individual trays for each panel and set shortcut keys to display them on and off when needed…

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