Crashing Layout

When I open Layout in Sketchup 2016 Pro 64 bit the tray is positioned over the top of the left hand corner of the window. I cant move it out of this position. When I try to close it it Bugsplats the progam. I tried a repair, to no avail. Program worked fine prior to this.

Download the Skalp App. Thought this might be the problem so I uninstalled it, but problem persists. Anyone else having this problem…

A screen shot of the Broken layout program

As you can see the tray is stuck in the upper left corner, I have found no means to unlock it, the tray bar at the top is missing, no matter how I size the window. I tried creating a new tray which I could but the other tray remains covering up access to the Icons on the toolbar. Help!!!

Can you close those floating trays using the “x” button in the upper-right corner of each one? If so, go ahead and close them all, then use the View->Reset Workspace command to bring things back to normal.

If this doesn’t help, then there must be something funny going on with the files that LayOut uses to remember window positions and such. You’ll want to manually delete these files.

Close LayOut, open an Explorer window and go to this directory:
C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\LayOut
Delete all of the files that have the “.plo” extension, UserDockLayout.xml, and UserInspectorLayout.xml, then try running LayOut again.


You Sir are a Scholar and a Gentleman, this did indeed fix the problem, I had to delete the files as you directed, as i had already tried the first method of closing all the trays with the x. So you have my thanks, and my warmest regards,

I finished the layouts In Pro 2015, but prefer 2016…

Thanks for reporting back, glad I could help.


Hei Marc,

I have the same problem, but it’s not that easy to fix. I can’t find any .plo files in this directory: C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\LayOut2016. I also tryed to rename the file and update the Nvidia driver.
The tray is still blocking the main menu bar, and Layout crashes when I close the tray.
Never had this problem before and i use the program on dayly base.

Any ideas?

Tnx, Chris

As Marc already said, they are not where you looked for them but in C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\LayOut


Tnx Anssi, I had trouble to find the directory, because the folder was
hidden. Found it after all and fixed it, just like you guys mentioned.
Great to use this “help desk”, super response time aswell👍

Den lørdag 23. januar 2016 skrev Anssi følgende:

Thanks Anssi!

Chris, glad you got it figured out. This is an issue that we haven’t seen in LayOut before, so the team is in the process of investigating a fix or better solution.



I startet up a new layout file this evening, and the same issue suddenly appears again…I did a lot of Layout work in the mean time, and never had the problem again til now.
I followed the same steps as I did before, and deletet all the .plo files in the specified folder.
As you can see in the screenshot, there still is a tray-box in front of the main bar on the upper left side when opening the program.

Anymore ideas?


Unfortunately no updates on this issue from our end as to how this happens.

When you deleted the .plo files, was LayOut closed? LayOut has to be completely shut down when the .plo files are deleted, otherwise it will just create new .plo files with the same error.


The program was completely shutdown as I deleted the files. I tryed to update NVIDIA driver, Java and refresh the screens, but the problem remains. Quite annøying, hope you can figure somthing out!

KR Chris

And Layout behaves very instable in general:

Are you sending in the Bug Splats with your e-mail so they can be identified?

I do sendt in the Bugsplat report, not shure if my email is attached to this…

If you attach your e-mail address to them someone from the LayOut team, such as Marc can have a look and see if there’s any information that would help you get it resolved. If you send them without your e-mail address, the reports will be anonymous and they’ll have no way of knowing they are yours.

Ok, I try to crash the program again and send the report to Marc with my email attached. What about re-installing Layout?

Just send the Bug splats via the normal method.

You can try reinstalling SketchUp which would reinstall LayOut, too, but until you have some idea from the Bug Splats, reinstalling is just a shot in the dark. Might help. Might be a waste of time.

I see two BugSplat reports from your computer, Chris, but they are strangely corrupted. I would definitely recommend a reinstall. Be sure to download a new copy of the installer from the official SketchUp website, don’t just re-install with the same copy of the installer.

Reinstalling won’t change any of the files in your Appdata/Roaming directory, so I also recommend deleting those .plo files again before reinstalling.