Tray tools freeze in Layout

I used Sketchup Pro from version 2015 until now 2020, going through all versions.
Starting with the 2018 version, then 2019 and now 2020, I have the same problem in Layout. Not only on the PC at work but also on the one at home.
Most of the time, when I use certain tools from Tray, something freezes and then I can’t continue to use tray tools.
This is usually the case when using drop-down boxes (line scale, rendering mode, from SketchUp Model / Viewport),
(stroke width, dashes scale or arrow size from Shape Style).
The cursor remains locked in the box used and no longer leaves, wherever I click with the mouse, in the any tool, from tray.
However, I can still use the commands in the toolbar and in the context menu.
Unfortunately, not all commands in the tool tray are found in the toolbar or context menu.
If anyone has ever encountered such a problem or a solution is already known, please help me.
My solution is to save the work, close the Layout and open again, and this happend for to many times per one worksession. Is frustated and tiring.

I have the same problem

I used to experience something very similar some versions back (I’m now on 2020) and I remember it only affecting the shape style tray intermittently.

Certainly it has never happened with 2020 and pretty certain not with 2019.

I posted about it at the time and I don’t think anyone replied.

Sorry - this doesn’t help you

I had a buddy with this problem. Had to uninstall. Reboot and reinstall. Make sure to run as administrator. Like nobody ever heard that before. It worked for him.

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That would be my suggestion, but to be more specific this is Run the Installer as Admin not Sketchup itself.

Find, or download a new copy of the installer, select it then right click on it and choose Run as Administrator from the context menu, follow the prompts, select Repair when given the option.

This doesn’t change your settings or remove extensions or any of that, it fixes basic issues with the installation that can manifest themselves in strange behavior. The majority of people never have this problem but for those with ghosts in the machine it is an easy fix.

Hello guys,
I tried to run the installer as an administrator and chose Repair, but at one point I get the message that it needs the SketchUp2020.msi file
The installation version has the extension .exe, not the .msi
Where can I find the installation package with .msi extension?

I had similar issue recently. This is what worked for me:
Uninstall the existing SU2020 using normal Windows method (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features).
Restart the computer.
Run the installer as an administrator.
(Normally your existing settings, toolbar etc… will not touched…)

yeah that too :laughing:

I’ve tried this, but issue exist still. I think the problem comme from Windows Update.

You maybe can try to download the full installer from here
(Be sure to scroll down to " Download for SketchUp Pro 2020 Offline Installer for Windows" )

I have got the issue again when I did not restarted the computer between uninstall - install procedure… just to be sure! :wink:
Hope the windows update not completely ruined up your computer…

Interesting, had the same happen here yesterday. The same message as a repair was attempted. I removed SU via add and remove programs then reinstalled… Overnight I had the thought something was either not being written or read from the temp file. I took a look in the temp file (some 3k entries) then I emptied it, tried a repair, that was successful. I would be curious to know what is happening and if there is a correlation between the size if the folder and the failure to complete the repair.

Strange and interesting is that I have the problem with Layout, is happens from SketchUp 2018, 2019 and now 2020.
Even more interesting is that it happens on two different computers!
Has an influence and the fact that I kept the SketchUp 2019 version?

Today I am trying to completely uninstall and reinstall, as an administrator, on one of the computers.

I did this:

  • I uninstalled SketchUp;
  • I downloaded “SketchUp Pro 2020 Offline Installer for Windows”)
  • I restarted the computer;
  • I installed SchetchUp, as administrator;
  • I restarted the computer;
  • I launched Layout, I opened an existing file and …
    unfortunately it happens the same as before.

I’ve tried with offline setup… restarting every time … install / run with admin. I’ve repaired .net framework and Visual C++ 2015-2019. The bug exist still

In the case of SketchUp there is a registry entry for Workspace, and renaming that so that it get recreated has fixed the frozen tray tools for me.

I don’t see a matching one for LayOut, but renaming this file (for 2020 in this example) does let LayOut reset all of the tools:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\LayOut\layout.private.json

Maybe that will fix it.

I also tried renaming the file, but nothing!

Had you closed LayOut before doing that, then opened LayOut? Renaming it while you have LayOut still running wouldn’t have helped.

Of course, I closed Layout, renamed the file and then opened Layout and tested.
It hangs in the “Line Scale” box of the “SketchUp Model Tray”

If you do Window, New Tray, and check the SketchUp Model box, does line scale work in the tray that only includes SketchUp Model?

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It seems to be a temporary solution. Opened in a new tray, it can be used, but only once, because after that it also freezes.
I tested several times. When it locks, I close the tray, create another one and so on.
It is not a solution but it is a variant. At least I don’t have to close and open Layout.
Thank you for the advice!