Tray tools freeze in Layout

I used Sketchup Pro from version 2015 until now 2020, going through all versions.
Starting with the 2018 version, then 2019 and now 2020, I have the same problem in Layout. Not only on the PC at work but also on the one at home.
Most of the time, when I use certain tools from Tray, something freezes and then I can’t continue to use tray tools.
This is usually the case when using drop-down boxes (line scale, rendering mode, from SketchUp Model / Viewport),
(stroke width, dashes scale or arrow size from Shape Style).
The cursor remains locked in the box used and no longer leaves, wherever I click with the mouse, in the any tool, from tray.
However, I can still use the commands in the toolbar and in the context menu.
Unfortunately, not all commands in the tool tray are found in the toolbar or context menu.
If anyone has ever encountered such a problem or a solution is already known, please help me.
My solution is to save the work, close the Layout and open again, and this happend for to many times per one worksession. Is frustated and tiring.