My tray was stuck in Layout

I wasn’t sure what I did but my tray was on the upper left corner and I can’t see all the items in the tray, such as pages. How do I move it to the right side of the screen? Thanks!

Can you do Windows → Arrange Panels? That will reset your panel arrangement back to the default, unfortunately, but at least the dialogs will be on screen again.


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Hi Marc,

Please see is the pic - in the drop down menu under window, I didn’t see Arrange panels. Also, I tried New Tray several times and my Layout kept crashing. Please help! Thanks!

Ah, sorry, that’s in the Mac windows menu. On Windows, do View->“Restore Default Workspace”.


I can’t see the View - it was stuck behind the try. Are there other ways to make it work again? I need work on Layout everyday and it kept crashing. I’ve sent you a report under the name po8t. Thanks!

My Layout kept crashing! Every time I tried to have a new tray or hide the existing tray, it crashes. Also the menu was blocked by the tray that was stuck in the upper left hand corner. I can’t have all the functions. Please help!

Ok, here’s the way to reset your LayOut install completely:
Rename this folder (this folder holds your custom scrapbooks and templates, so don’t delete it)

C:\Users\mdurant\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\LayOut

(Instead of “mdurant”, your own user name will be in the path)



Thanks! It worked and I got my Layout back :joy: