LayOut Crashes and default tray is out of place

I have removed and downloaded SU Pro twice. This issue is with Layout. When I open it the default tray is located in the extreme upper left hand corner. When I try to relocated the tray the program crashes. Sketchup Pro itself appears to be OK. I have never seen anything remotely close to this before. It’s as if what I am downloading from Trimble is corrupt although I realize that is unlikely. I would appreciate any ideas since like everyone else I am trying to meet some deadlines.

The title refers to Outlook. What does this have to do with Outlook?

When you installed SketchUp and LayOut did you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator?

First go to the AMD website and download and install the latest update to your graphics card driver.

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Is there a way I can attached a photo?

My display adapter is mfgr’d. by Intel.

You put AMD Radeon in your profile…
The same goes. Go to the Intel website, then. Windows Update is not very reliable for graphics driver updates.

Your profile says differently. Please complete your profile and correct the graphics card info.

Update the Intel adapter’s drivers, then.

Drag and drop an image into a reply.

You didn’t answer my question about the installation of SketchUp.

Display adapter has been updated. Profile is next. Picture attached

Yes installed as Admin

Can you show the Window menu in LayOut? It looks like you’ve managed to create a second tray or something.

Show us your SketchUp OpenGL settings (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL). If the “Use Fast Feedback” box there is checked, you might try unchecking it and restarting SketchUp and/or LayOut. Usually Fast Feedback is incompatible with Intel graphics while discrete graphics might crash if it is not checked.

Thanks I checked and “Use fast feedback” was not checked. At this point I am thinking about using a Restore Point in Windows. This seems like it has to be a system thing since I have un and re installed SU 3 times (as admin). The only thing I can think of is I changed my MS account to a local one yesterday to avoid MS advertising. It doesn’t seem relevant but that’s all I have left at this point

This came up: We are experiencing technical difficulties
This device is not authorized. Please sign out and sign back in to continue or enter a classic license. I did get this error message and I followed the directions.

I have attached the windows menu as requested,

So select the windows you want to show in the Default tray.
Screenshot - 5_31_2022 , 2_05_52 PM

Or hide the Default tray and drag your custom-made trays over to the right side.

Thanks for getting back to me. I solved the problem by blowing away W 11 and reinstalling it from the cloud. It was the “long way around the barn” as they say but common sense told me that if the drivers were up to speed and deleting and reinstalling SU did not produce a different result, the only thing left to do was reinstall Windows or buy a new computer to replace this one that is 6 months old. Time is money and in the production world time waits for no one.

It is my sincere hope that Trimble can come up with a way to offer a web based version of SU Pro like many of the structural programs that I use. When that day happens I will happily say good bye to MS and their products forever. I have never been a fan of their business model.

Finally, I would like to thank you and everyone that devoted their time and attention to this. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick response each time the last idea was executed without the desired result.


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