Lay Out 2018 Crashes

Good day, all.
I am deciding to post after about 30 Layout crashes. It is going from frustrating to bad.

I have windows 10 64 bit. An embedded (I think) Intel HD Graphics 520 adapter on an HP ENVY Laptop.
I’m sure it may be a windows issue, but I don’t know where to start.
It seems to happen most often when I am copying and pasting.
Especially to separate Layout drawings. This is guaranteed to crash Layout.

Please, any help or suggestions are appreciated.

When you installed SketchUp and LayOut did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator or did you just double click on it to run it?

Intel graphics are well known to be problematic. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

What are you copying an pasting? From where? To where?

No I did not install as Admin. ??
Can I fix now?

I am copying and pasting from Layout file to another.
it crashes every time.

Find the installer, right click it and choose Run As Administrator. When prompted, choose “repair”.

it never asks me to repair

I tried it a couple of times.
I think my computer always runs as Administrator

I check my drivers. it says it has the latest.
Windows 10 is crazy. it needs updates weekly and is always doing weird stuff.

These two things together suggest to me that you are running SketchUp itself, not the installer! If there is an existing copy of SketchUp, the installer will always offer the “repair” option. If you can’t remember where you downloaded the installer or have since deleted it, you can get a fresh copy from the Trimble website. Also, being logged on as an administrator is not the same as right-click->“Run as Administrator”. The latter enables rights that are not granted by default to an Administrator.

Hi Scott-

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, but I’m just catching up on my forum posts.

Did you get this resolved?

I looked in our crash database for your name but didn’t find anything. Do you have the opportunity to submit a bugsplat when the crash happens? That would be super useful to help identifying the issue.


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