Layout Trays - SU / LAYOUT Interface coordination

Please / Please get you LAyout team and your SU team together and bang heads!

Coordinate the interfaces - the interface for the LAYOUT trays is STUPID, CLUMSY and EXCESSIVE.

And the SU 2016 changes while more efficent and just as painful to manage !

What was wrong with the earlier SU version, where you could minimise, stack and place whereever you wanted?

An even worse, who was the bright spark who thought that adapting the LAYOUT Tray schema in SU 2016 was an improvement?


This would hurt, and then they’d be a bunch of “headbangers”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can stiil do all these things!

You can modify the tray to meet your needs. You can create multiple trays. You can have some or all trays docked, some or all trays floating, some floating trays on other display monitors, and some docked trays that Autohide and slide out of sight into the window margins.

SketchUp User Guide

I have two trays auto-hidden into the left margin, and 4 custom tray tabs in the right-side dock.

See this image of my trays (but then I had the tree and help trays hidden on the right. I afterward moved them to the left side.)



I am really referring to LAYOUT, I can live with the SU changes – but to adopt the LAYOUT schema for SU was a retrograde step… and No the trays do not autostack and quite frankly there was nothing really wrong with the old SU schema

In LAYOUT the trays are huge, the layout of the functions is extravagantly wasteful of space… etc etc

And finally, when I have to re-install SU 2016 because of a corrupted exe., I loose all the customised Tray configuations and have to recreate them all again…

Thanks for your SU trays, I actuallly have something similar

It does not matter. The tray system comes from the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) framework.

It’s customization features works the same in any MFC application.

I take “schema” to mean the MS tray UI system.

I disagree with you, and I myself had logged a feature request for MFC trays in SketchUp 8 years ago. It was one of the first FRs I filed, and had been politicking for them for years until they were finally implemented last cycle (v2016.)

They were added to make the SketchUp GUI more LayOut-like.

Disagree. Especially on Windows, they were often becoming “jumbled” (the order of windows getting shuffled from what they were when SketchUp was closed,) forgetting the top origin of the stack (when the stack was placed outside the application window on the left,) etc. Cycle after release cycle, attempts to fix these annoying bugs in the Windows editions just did not work or introduced more issues.

Ok Dan, looks like we better agree to disagree… MS also bought us the wonderful RIBBONS interface… I can see the parentage!

Oh, with THIS I do agree. The controls are spaced way out, and overly large.

This is with regard to migration of User settings. This is a long-standing annoyance and requested feature, but is a separate issue.

There might be a 3rd party utility that can copy the registry data and restore it after the update or upgrade. (But it would certainly be a benefit if migration of settings was built-into the installer, and we could export them to an external “.dat” file for keeping multiple workstations setup the same way.

Metro apps. Hate that. This is why I’m still on Win7. (Win8 and higher I absolutely hate.)

I called it the Hello Kitty interface until corrected by Dan.


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