Please reintroduce the old autohide for trays

Please ad the possibility to be able to use the old tray system.

The trays in the old version worked great. You coluld customize them in a number of ways. Set it up easily as you wanted them. Group them together, make them stick to eachother, they did autohide with one click, they worked intuitively perfect.

The one big disadvantage with SketchUp 2016 is the new tray system, and it is a major thing. Me and many others still use the old version of SketchUp whenever we can, just because it is easier to work with. But this is very unnecassary. Please help to make sketchup great again!

Thank you

You can already set up SketchUp 2016 like that. You can make the trays auto-hide, you can make individual windows and place them so they float over the drawing space or live on a second screen. I like the tray arrangement very much because it duplicates the way I’ve set up the utility windows since they were first made available and now I get the added bonus of more screen real estate for toolbars so I don’t need a third row of them across the top.

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Thank you for your respons. I am aware of the auto hide option that comes with the new trays.

The problem for me is that I miss the way you could organize the trays. That you could stick different trays together into those floating grouped trays. And then move that group around while all hidden trays stayed together. And when you needed one tray to open you could simply with one click open it and it resized itself to that specific traysize.

Now the trays open and hide more like the way AutoCAD has always worked. And they can´t stick to eachother anymore. Wich all seems like a step backwards. Why change something that seemed to work really well?

You can make all the trays you want and move them around to place them as you wish.

My thought exactly. For a lot of people, including me, the tray on the right side works really well.

Dear DaveR,

Thank you for your response,

And yes that is exactly the point. The new tray on the right works, but the floating trays don´t work, (as well as they used to anymore).

The main focus for most people when setting up your interface while modeling is to get as much viewport area as possible, minimizing the trays but still have them available when you need them. And for us users that prefer the floating tray setup this doesn´t work as well anymore. Just as your picture shows there is a lot of empty tray area blocking the view in the new tray system.

The main problem is simply that they don´t hide anymore, they don´t stick together and they don´t minimize as well while sticking together.

I could have collapsed them to get rid of the space. My apologies for not doing that.

Howdy All, I was one who also bitched when they changed them and agree with the “dead” space running down to the bottom of the screen. Killing valuable canvas area. In SU15 I would float them calapsed over the menu tabs and click on the one I wanted to use when I wanted to utilize them. Screen shot 2 is 2016 and it is a tab instead. It takes the same effort to move the pointer to the right instead of the top of page, to select the tab I need. Then pin it to stay open where it is or dragging anywhere and still stay opened. It took a bit to get used to and I started learning other programs Unity engine and such. Guest what … they all operate in a similair fashtion so I had to change regardless.

One other thing that I found out was when I have it floating in the middle of the screen, by double clicking the blue title bar of tray 1. It will shoot back of to the right side remaining open and out of the way. If there is someting being blocked… double click it agian and it will retun itself back to the center of the screen. SU 15 did not do that, PLUS I have never opened SU 16 and had them scattered all over the place, if you know what I mean. Having to replace them back where I left them.

ALSO DID YOU KNOW that once you set up your tray(s) containt in 2016, YOU CAN SETUP KEY BOARD SHORT CUTS!!! (last screen shot) have it anywhere you want, then toggle on or off as your needs warrent!!!
I just wonder if DaveR knew that…??? He has been a great help to a lot of folks here and if I was able to share something with him, to help him out it would be REALLY COOL!!! Hey DAVE!!!

LOOK at that!!! They will never block your view again…Peace…

Sorry. I did know that. :wink:

Thanks for the very nice remarks, though. Much appreciated.

Of all your heplful tips and instructions, next to the “Dave Component Option” setting up key board short cuts always stuck. I stumbled across this for trays visability awhile back and this post reminded me of it. It is nice to share something back and wonder how many others dont realize this is availiable in the shortcut menu. It takes away alot of the frustration that most have with the “new” trays. Toggling on or off …Peace…

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