Detach toolbars sketchup 2016


I just installed Sketchup 2016, and trying to set it up for my usual workflow. How does someone detach toolbars in Sketchup 2016 ? :grinning:

Here is a screenshot of what i mean by detaching toolbars for Sketchup 2015.

Thanks for your help.


create specific trays, then provided auto hide is off you can drag title to move the new tray, which will re-size, double click the title will re-dock it


Thank to you @pcmoor, for highlighting this workaround. :smiley:

Personally I find the new tray system abominable !

  • When closed/off it is just annoying to click each and every time you need to access a tool.

  • When open/on it take such a huge space on a 24’ screen.

Abominable system :confounded:. Reverting to 2015 version where you had far more control about the tools and toolbars constantly needed (and neatly folded by double clicking on the bar’s name, if needed to hide it/them.


So i’m just asking this. You prefer to have the utility windows and toolbars just floating randomly about your screen? I ask because most users don’t like that. I personally find the tray a very useful addition. For years I’ve made a similar arrangement with the utility trays stacked on the right side but outside the drawing space. Now, with the tray arrangement I have the same drawing space as before but I gain some toolbar real estate above the tray.

I use the utility windows frequently enough that I keep the tray showing all the time.


I’m not a big fan of the layout style of toolboxs and it seems SU has gone that way… they are really inefficient of screenspace and inflexible… I have long requested that the interfaces of SU and Layout be better coordinated but it seems they decided to take the worst case example to follow… at least let the user adjust the width of the toolboxes so we can recover some screen space.


Hello Dave, yes as per the picture I posted, I prefer to have the toolbars floating (not randomly though - as they are always in the same position). It offers flexibility and most important screen space for work.

I find the new system takes too much space, the possibility to “auto hide” gimmicky and distracting, at best. When the “auto hide” is turned off, on our screens it takes 15 % of the space when docked. :confounded:


HDMI & a 32" Display might help but thanks for the heads up. I have free SketchUp Make 2016 & all toolbars are moveable even stretchable I believe & I only have a regular 19" Acer V199W LED monitor. Got to admit the eyes ain’t so good any more & I spend tomuch time squinting to read things. Bigger Display? Correcting resolution & font size?