How do I dock toolbars on the bottom of the window?

On the pre-Trimble versions of Sketchup, I was able to dock the Large Tool Set toolbar to the bottom of the design screen. Sketchup 14 and 15 won’t seem to let me do that. Is there a reason why?

As to your generic question, you can dock toolbars to the bottom of the screen once you check the Measurement toolbar in View > Toolbars. Once you do that, the Measurement toolbar is placed above the Status bar on a new dockable toolbar row. You can thereupon dock other toolbars to the same area.

As for the Large Toolset toolbar, that is now permanently configured as a two-column vertical toolbar, so you can’t dock it on the bottom. You can, however, now create a new toolbar with essentially all the same buttons and configure it as a one- or two-row horizontal toolbar, which will dock on the bottom.


what a pain in the ass. thanks Sketchup for eliminating flexibility.

I’d say the opposite is true.
The toolbar system is far more flexible now that you can mix and match the toolbars into something that works for you.

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But we could do that anyway. There’s no cogent reason for Trimble to have decided to remove the flexibility to dock the large toolbar to the bottom of the screen.

No you couldn’t.
The Pre-trimble version didn’t have customisable toolbars.
They could be moved around and reshaped but you couldn’t add and remove buttons or build your own toolbars.
As already mentioned above, you can easily recreate the large toolset as a custom toolbar.