Crashing with new Apple M3

Having just forked out for a new Apple M3 Pro to work faster, Ive been hit with this bug that crashed every time I try to import a material into a model. Am at my wits end and am at the point of ditching IOS for a windows device. What are people ,who may have used both systems, thoughts? can the models created be shared and worked on in the different systems ok (my office uses Apple)


apple broke something, sketchup’s team might have a fix, in the next release, but they are also asking apple to un-break what they broke.

by the way, iOS is the one on iPhones and iPads

MacOs is the one on mac :slight_smile:

edit :

I’ll assume your mac M3 didn’t come with ventura 14.3 right away, it’s usually shipped with ventura 14.0
meaning that depending on what backup solution you have, you only fix right now might be to either clean reinstall or rollback to a 14.2 ventura.
Joining the Beta 14.4 won’t help, as it’s still broken there.

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My M3 came with Sonoma 14.3. I really can’t be bothered trying to find a ‘make-do’ solution. Ive had so many issues with apple’s bug splats on various machines, that I’m thinking of throwing in the towel with apple.

I don’t upgrade the OS until I know the software I rely on is supported…

unfortunately, the M3 is brand new and came with it.

I mean, the OS came out after the latest version of SKP, so, ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Switch to a PC, or wait until there is a fix.

well it sucks, they usually don’t ship updated machines immediately, but you’re stuck with it.

no solution other than a temporary wonky fix then.
you could check the extension warehouse, there are colour/material pickers that shouldn’t depend on apple’s colour tool. but beyond that, nothing.

If its any consolation, the Intel version of 14.3 has the same issue… :slight_smile:

Sonoma 14.4 will helpwith latest version of SU!