Crash when switching windows via shortcut

Since the last update (21.1.331) I am experiencing a weird bug on both of my Macs. I have more then one model open and I flip through these via a keyboard shortcut (CMD + ^ on my German keyboard.)

As soon as I do this Sketchup crashes. If I switch model windows by clicking on “Windows” and Picking the model I want it works.

So I can get around this but it’s really hard to unmuscle-memory this. I am usually quite quick with this keyboard-short cut, copying data from one model to another.

Anybody else experiencing this?

I read about this, and although command-^ would match the position of where the US keyboard command-’ would be, people seem to be saying that you still use command-’. That is, command-shift-’, the key to the left of the backspace key.

What happens if you use that key instead?

So this persists, though I can describe it a bit better now. Sketchup crashes as soon as I press the ^ key on my German keyboard. It’s the key below the ESC key. Since I use the ESC key quite I keep accidentally hitting this key. I checked if I had some weird Shortcut on this key but I don’t. It’s pretty much the standard configuration…

Any idea what this might be? I keep sending these bugsplat thingies into the void - maybe somebody notices this… :slight_smile:

What country keyboard are you set to? If I use a German keyboard the top left looks like this:


I found the keyboard, it’s an International layout one, but unfortunately it isn’t in the list of keyboards I can try.

It’s a standard German (Mac)-keyboard.

I’ll made a video to show you what happens when I press the key. It’s pretty weird and I have the error on my iMac and on my MacBook.

Mid November the M1Max MacBook arrives and I will set it up as a completely new install - no transfering of data from the old Macbook - curious to see of the error pops up there as well.

Really hope this will be fixed. I am basically working the keyboard blind after all these years of sketchup and I have to be SO careful now not to hit that key by accident…

If you enable the keyboard icon in the Apple menu bar:

does it actually switch to the set one?(left of the battery)

If I have multiple windows open and change it to the ABC-Qwertz

and hit the key below the Escape key, I can reproduce this, too
Crash #325796
Crash #325790
Crash #325798
Crash #325801
Crash #325803
Crash #325799

That’s good - if one can reproduce it one can fix it… :slight_smile:

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I have no options for setting the keyboard to Netherlands, or SketchUp to Dutch. Do you run SketchUp in English, and macOS is a special Dutch version?

When I try the same steps with languages I can test, I get no crash.

Perhaps @WebHorst could have a think about it, he does a lot of localization testing.

SketchUp doesn’t provide a native Dutch version (despite it has +30M native speaking, 3x as much as Czech) so it starts up in English.

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We have a customer with a Belgian AZERTY keyboard able to repeat this: is there a resolution already? Thanks, Orlando

In Azerty :wink: : Ze hqve q custo,er zith q Belgiqn QWERTY qble to repeqt this: Is there q resolution qlreqdy+

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How many people exist speaking that language is irrelevant… How many SketchUp Subscriptions we sell to people speaking this langue, now that is important!

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There MUST be more SketchUp users in the Netherlands and Belgium than in Sweden. I think that there has sometimes been talk about a version in my native Finnish, with about 5 M speakers. I feel that localized application versions in small languages tend to isolate the users from useful information that is available internationally. The BIM package I use at work has been localized, and every time I encounter a problem I have to figure out what the function would be called in English to be able to search for a solution.

Agreed Anssi. Yet we could sell at least 3 licenses more when localized in Dutch…

Reminds me… that there has been a Dutch version of Google SketchUp 8 once, free version only (because it didn’t contain LayOut).

Cheers, Orlando