Personal hotkeys keep defaulting when closing/crashing

I use a MacBook Pro and have the new Sketchup pro via a student discount.

The shortcut/hot keys I keep setting up as suggested by instructor - keep reverting every time it crashes or restarts.

I have seen some older advice about finding the installer ex but I think I don’t have that because I’m on a Mac - or at least have looked and can’t find it.

Any advice? Thanks

ok, very simple question to begin with,

is you sketchup folder in the application oflder of your mac ? did you copy it there as instructed when you downloaded it ? or are you using it straight from the disc image ?

I have a Sketchup folder in my applications it contains the 3 logos for layout, sketchup and style builder.

What keyboard shortcuts are trying to use?

On a Mac the installer is a .dmg (disk image) file, not an exe. Ordinarily it would be in your downloads folder unless you trashed it from there, but if you did you can download a new copy from Trimble.

You click the dmg to “mount” it like an external drive. It will open a dialog with two icons, one for SketchUp and one for the Applications folder. You install by dragging the SketchUp icon onto the Applications icon in that dialog. When it completes, close the dialog and eject the dmg like you would for an external drive. Do not leave the dmg attached!

If your Mac’s setup is standard, that should have SketchUp working. There are however instances in which an IT dept prefers a non-standard setup of macOS, and that can cause issues.

SketchUp saves your shortcuts when it quits normally. It doesn’t save them if it crashes. But if you are getting crashes more than rarely, there is something wrong, quite possibly misbehaving extensions. It’s also possible that if you are running macOS Sonoma and SketchUp 2023 that the crashes could be due to incompatibility. 2023 is not supported on Sonoma, which doesn’t mean it can’t run only that it is not assured to be trouble free.

Finally, if are attempting to set shortcuts involving the command key, they won’t “stick” when SketchUp closes for any reason because they are preempted by macOS and the compiled menus built into SketchUp.


Thanks I’m on MacOS big Sur, my MacBook is quite old though.

I changed my shortcuts again and quit and restarted and they were saved. If it crashes again will it revert? Ive had 3 crashes in a week. I think they might be due to files I’ve been sent to open and work on? But also it just crashed in the night and I got told it had crashed and reloaded - and hotkeys weren’t saved.
When it crashes it kind of goes back to asking me to log onto Trimble etc before I can proceed. Is there anyway to save my shortcuts somewhere so I don’t have to manually enter then if it crashed again?

edit I found the .dmg

A whole load - basically I’m learning via an online course and first thing our instructor did was get us to get up all the same hotkeys as him.


Shortcuts, location of the panels or the top bar of tools and things like that are saved when sketchup properly closes. like you just did.
if SU crashes, it will reopen as it was last time it closed properly.

If you’re afraid of crashes ruining your interface, it might be a good idea to close and restard SU whenever you make a big interface / shortcut change.

that’s… I mean, as an educator I have strong opinions about that.
but hey.
his class his ways.

Ah okay so if I as I’ve closed properly and reopened okay with my saved edits - if it crashes now it will only revert back to this and not right back to default?


when you quit properly it becomes the new default.

if you really want to find the original default, you would have to uninstall SU completely and reinstall it clean. :slight_smile:

your mac works the same way, if Finder crashes (or you force it to quite), it’ll reload the same things that were open when it last closed. because a crash bypasses the normal closing steps.

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