Keyboard shortcuts stop working

Hi all. Since updating to the latest version 21.1.331, my keyboard shortcuts keep dropping out. The only way I can get them to work again is to either quit SketchUp or close and reopen the current model I am working on. This happens when I go into another program (Photoshop for example) and then back into SketchUp. So, somehow, leaving SketchUp to use another program and back into SketcUp is dropping the keyboard shortcuts. Does anyone have a fix for this please?
Thank you all.

I had that problem yesterday. Not sure what brought it on, but going into Preferences, Shortcuts, and using the Reset button, fixed things. You would then need to reenter any custom shortcuts you had set up before.

Thanks Colin. That’s a fix for now. Just hope they bring out an update that fixes it for good.

@colin can you remind me of the file path for the shortcuts preferences file on MAC. Is that still accessible in 21 still the JSON? Id like to make a backup to restore from, I’ve been loosing specific shortcuts lately too, restarting SU usually brings them back but not always.

Both .json Preferences files reside in the user Library, accessible by typing ~/Library/Application Data/SketchUp/SketchUp 20XX/SketchUp

(XX = version)
For Layout, it’s almost the same.

I keep a project on Trimble Connect to sync those preferences for our training PC’s

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I took a while to answer because I was checking which file has the shortcuts. It’s the SharedPreferences.json file, where Mike says it is located. This would get you all the way there for 2021:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json

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On Windows, I even get more confused…

Thank you both. I’m all set up. :+1:

It is odd how shortcuts are deleting. It appears to be the ones I have more recently added that last a few sessions and then disappear. I had not added a shortcut in years but recently did and experienced this.

I have no evidence for this comment, but it sounds more like an os issue than su one.

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Any chance you have Adobe illustrator running? I’ve found that sometimes Adobe software will interfere or disable keyboard functions in other software, and even the system! Sometimes just quitting illustrator or photoshop fixes it, especially with sketchup.

In this scenario it’s probably an Adobe issue and not necessarily a macOS or sketchup problem.

I suspect you are right about that. I’ve had some mouse options resetting recently as well. I wanted to be protected with a backup SU shortcut file because I realized it’s all so baked into muscle memory I’m not even sure I could remember what goes where at this point if i had to recreate it.

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I don’t have any Adobe running, thanks for the idea though. I recently had paste-in-place reset itself which is odd as it’s a very old shortcut. I’m guessing it’s some accessibility option I don’t realize is enabled, but I’ve been too busy to really investigate. I just reset the shortcut and move on.

Cool. I was responding to the original poster who is running photoshop.

So I now know that this happens every time I go from SketchUp to Photoshop and back again. The Preferences/Shortcuts/Reset button doesn’t work as I first thought it did. But closing the SketchUp doc and reopening it does work. If this is the only way I can wake my keyboard shortcuts up, then so be it. It’s just such a waste of time to keep doing this, especially when I’m constantly in and out of Photoshop updating textures for my models.

It’s a shame that Photoshop seems to be commandeering the keyboard shortcuts. Have you tried contacting them about it?

Hi Dave. Update, it appears to be dropping my keyboard shortcuts every time I leave SketchUp for another program and then back into SketchUp. I have recently updated to macOS Catalina 10.15.7. and also update to SketchUp Pro 21.1.331. So it’s got to be either one of these not working with the other.

Two changes at the same time makes it a little more tricky to troubleshoot.

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