SketchUp Pro 2019 not storing shortkeys

SU Pro 2019 (Version 19.3.252) does not store ‘my’ shortkeys.
Tried over and over but it simply ‘forgets’ entered shortkeys.
This problem is new to me. Working with SU for over 10 years.

Hopefully anyone can help me out

Kun joe explain how joe doe dat?:grinning:
You do not have to press Enter , just click outside the panel.

Could it be related to this problem I experienced?

I’m on SU 2019.2 and I find that, seemingly randomly, SU will not remember that I have assigned a default shortcut to another action. Once I close SU and restart the shortcut has reverted back to the default action.

I’m sure this never used to happen (was it just my imagination?).

No it wasn’t. I have had to reset one or two shortcuts recently.