2018 pro not saving keyboard shortcuts


Just migrated to a new computer and updated from 2016 pro to 2018 pro.
I recreated my shortcut scheme upon installation/first use.
Those shortcuts stuck.
But since then, no shortcut I add (through preferences/shortcuts) stays after leaving and returning to the program.
Specific example:
I set PgUp to toggle guides and PgDn to delete guides. These work for the duration of the session, but when I leave and return, they are gone.
I used this on my previous computer, with no issues. I know there have been a few posts dealing with disappearing shortcuts, but none have helped.
Thank you.


The common reason for this sort of problem on Windows machines is related to improper installation. When you install SketchUp you need to right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. Try that now. Quit SketchUp if it’s open, find the installer file, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when it presents itself, select the Repair option.


Thank you DaveR, for the quick response, but that didn’t fix it.


Explain exactly what you just did…
Were you logged in as your normal user account ?
Was SketchUp closed ?
Did you select the installer’s exe file and choose the right-click context-menu “Run as administrator” ?
Did you say “Repair” when prompted ?
Did you restart SketchUp ?
Did you try changing some shortcuts and closing, then reopening to see if they ‘stuck’ ?


Yes to each of those, Tig, in that order.
And, the shortcuts I set up in that initial session or sessions, like using “X” for X-ray, and “CTRL DOWN” for “hide rest” are still working. But any I set up now go away.


The only addition I can think of is that you might possibly be closing the window instead of clicking “OK” after assigning the shortcut. Try assigning one and make sure you click Ok, they work right away for me without having to close SU. Just a thought.



I thought of that initially, too, and made sure it wasn’t the case.
No dice. Thank you though.


Yeah sorry, I quickly realised that probably wasn’t the case after I posted. You say they do work for the current session.

I thought I’d leave the post there as I thought it might help someone else. The only other thing I would suggest is a full reboot after the repair as administrator to see if that makes a difference.


maybe resetting all shortcuts and start over with assigning them would make a difference.


crossed fingers
didn’t fix it.


I’m thinking that might take me to a place where none of them stick.


You should have done a silly dance too :grinning:. Sorry I’m out of ideas, Juniors way might work, or end up worse like you say.


Did a dance; might not have been silly enough.
Going to resist the big reset for now.


The problem seems to be those particular keys. PageUp and PageDown (and a few others) behave differently than the others, and differently than they did on my previous computer (which, oddly, was also an ASUS). Semi-colon and comma are behaving magnificently. Thanks for trying to help!


Keys that have a specific Windows or MacOS function cannot be reassigned in the shortcut dialog


happening on a Mac too… all my shortcuts but ONE stick.
a assign space to PAN. it has been my most used shortcuts for ages. now it pulls the settings window. I assigned another key to the settings window and now both shortcuts pull the same settings window.
I bypassed the problem by creating a new OS admin user… like having a fresh new Mac… but that opened a whole host of inconveniences… like my auto cad license won’t work for instance…


Creating a new user seems like an extreme way to go about it. See: