Problems Shortcuts

Every time I close the program the shortcuts I’ve assigned are deleted, and I have to assign them again every time I open a new file, Does anyone has a solution? it´s annoying to assign shortcuts every single time.

I’m not a Mac user, but that behavior with windows would suggest a bad install.
Sometimes on Mac people run the program directly rather than installing it and running it from there.
Make sure you have installed the program properly rather than just running it.

I installed almost a year ago, and all the shortcuts I assigned before are still there, but I have recently to add more shortcuts and they work perfectly, but if I close the program and open it again only the last shortcuts are deleted, the ones I assigned some time ago are still there.

I’m not a Mac user so I can’t offer much else.
Although what are the shortcuts you are having the issues with, if they are hard wired system shortcuts they will always revert.

Mac user here but only 2021 version.

I don’t have that problem.

Are you assigning shortcuts that involve the command key? Those are reserved for compiled menus and macOS. They will be ignored as SketchUp starts.

No, only shift and option. I have other commands using those keys and don’t have that problem. I’ve never had this problem, just a few days ago I assigned new shortcuts for tools I’ve been using that I didn’t use so often before, like vertex tools, quadface tools and subd