[MacOS] software crash when pressing ^ or `

I’m experiencing a crash whenever I press the ^ or the ` key.

I’m on an azerty keyboard, the ^ key is thus right next to the letter p, so it’s very common to press it inadvertently when trying to select the push/pull tool.

The ` key is used in combination with the command key on MacOS to navigate between open windows of an application. So it’s very common to use it as soon as I have two different .skp files opened.

I can happily provide any additional information.

MacOS 12.1
Sketchup 21.1.331

This bug has been there since the last Sketchup update for some users.

I gave up filing bug reports about it around 3 weeks ago. Got quite good at not hitting these keys by now but I miss the days where I could just flip between two Sketchup windows with a shortcut. It’s SUPER annoying.

We did work on this issue, and found that setting the keyboard to be U.S. International - PC was enough to show the problem on any Mac. As the layout for U.S. and U.S.International PC seems to be the same, you should be able to avoid the crash by adding U.S. as a keyboard type, and select that one instead.

Same isn’t true for AZERTY. With that keyboard selected you would type Command-\ on a US keyboard, and it should cycle to the next document. It doesn’t though, not in the 2021.1.2 that you may be using, it also crashes.

A work around to that is to go into System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Keyboard, and find the entry for “Move focus to next window”. Double-click on the entry, and you can now change the key that is used. At the moment it is probably Command `, if you are on AZERTY and type Command and the key below ESC, that will give you Command <, and that shortcut does not crash SketchUp.

The work on this issue will show up in the next SketchUp update. I can’t yet tell you when that will be released, but I will come back and tell you as soon as I can.

That’s an answer I can absolutely live with. Problem has been identified, fix is coming, not today. Love it! :slight_smile: Thanks @colin !!!

This is as soon as I could come back and tell you about a fix…

SketchUp 2022 is available now, and it does let you use ` on AZERTY and U.S. International - PC keyboards.

The update does other things as well, you can read about those here:


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Thx for the feedback. Love the changelog. Looks like a solid update! Will take it for a spin on my M1 first thing tomorrow. :heart_eyes:

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