Instant crash on command-shift-Z (the keyboard shortcut for Redo)

Typing command-shift-Z on SketchUp for Web instantly crashes this otherwise awesome app, every time. Oddly, picking Redo from the Edit menu does not crash. I say “crash”, but what is actually happening is, the app just instantly quits. I do not see a Crash Report in the system’s Console.

This is quite inconvenient, as I keep trying to use this out of habit after using command-Z for Undo, resulting in data loss.

Ctrl-Y is a common Redo shortcut on Windows, and it may be that on Mac the same shortcut keys are changed from using Ctrl to using Command. Still, I think it should be possible to detect what platform you are using, and give the web version of SketchUp the same shortcut that is used on the desktop version.

I wondered about whether involving the shift key was part of the problem, but Command-Shift-i works in a browser.

@Gopal or @marwanobeidat may be able to say if there is a technical reason why Mac web cannot have the same shortcut as Mac desktop.

Nobody is working today or tomorrow, so it may be next week before we hear from them.

For the crashing part of what you mentioned, I tried on M1 and Intel Macs, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and saw no crashing of the app.

Which browser do you use, and are there steps that you can do that will make the crash happen every time?

As Colin mentioned, Cmd + Y is how you redo on a Mac for SketchUp (you can override searching for redo in the omnibar). Cmd + Shift + Z will not work and is not supported by SketchUp for Web.

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