Move copy command stopped working

Logged in this morning to do a quick sketch on Sketchup Web and I find I can no longer use the move copy command. Which on a mac is M-Option. I restarted the computer and no luck. I used the option key on the opposite side of the space bar and no luck. I used my laptop and it doesn’t work there either, even with the older version of OSX. I’ve used this command hundreds of times in the past. Any suggestions?

There were some reports yesterday of this happening on Mac. I believe the team are looking into it.

The problem is being investigated. For now use the Windows keys, and tap Control to get move copy to work.

Thank you, glad it’s not on my end.

Thank you for flagging this. It should now be fixed. Please try reloading the app and trying again. Let us know if you’re still experiencing issues.

The team tested a fix this morning, and it seemed to work. The live page appears to be updated now, and the correct Mac text and shortcuts is working again.

All good now. Thanks!

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