Move Tool + Ctrl using Mac

Hi all! I’ve only used SketchUp on windows, but my new work uses mac. I’m so used to using the move tool + ctrl to make a copy of something and grabbing it from a certain point. Truly, I use it all the time. Using a mac, I would expect move tool + command to work, but it doesn’t. Can anyone help with this?

Thank you!


Alt is the modifier key on Mac OS

The modified for copy with Move on Mac is Option, not Alt.


-flips up the cardboard used to keep cat from walking on my macbook’s keyboard- true. Or alt on a non-Apple keyboard.

Command, back to the OP, functions as the auto-fold toggle in the Move tool. Though it also, superfluously, toggles modifier/copy off when you have already turned it on, which is annoying for screenshots.

Thank you!!

Although the option key on my Mac keyboard has alt printed on it.

But what does it say in the documentation for the feature and in the tip at the lower left corner of the screen when you have the Move tool active?

The label on the key varies among keyboards. Thanks, Apple…