Command key for shortcuts not working on Sketchup Web in Chrome on Mac

Two days ago, the “Command” key stopped being recognized by Sketchup Web on Chrome on my Mac. This means:

  • Command-Z for undo doesn’t work anymore; it gets interpreted as ‘Z’ alone and activates search. I need to use the undo button instead of a shortcut.
  • Command-Control in addition to the left mouse button no longer works for orbiting; I need to switch to the orbit tool.

Has anyone else encountered this before? It’s as if the browser stopped passing Command key modifiers to the Sketchup web app.

I’m on Mac OS 11.1 (Big Sur) and the latest version of Chrome.


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Just happened to me today, haven’t found a workaround neither.

Same here!
All command key modifiers have stopped working. Impossible to work with.

I expect when the team get back into the office on Monday they’ll be looking into it.

It seems it no longer recognises the OS. Modifier keys are now Windows.
Check the status bar below.
So Alt/Option becomes Ctrl for copying
Cmd + Z becomes Ctrl + Z

I had noticed a few days ago that the status bar was now showing Windows modifier keys, and as Mike says, all keystrokes are now Windows ones. Ctrl-C will copy, Ctrl-V will paste, etc.

I don’t know if it was an intentional change. @Mark or @Gopal will know.

Hi, many thanks for flagging this. This is a bug that slipped through in our latest release and we’re working on fixing it ASAP. Will post again when it’s fixed. Should be today.


The issue is resolved and deployed, please let us know if you still see any issues.

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