Tilde key crashes Sketchup 2021

An odd thing is happening in my secondary iMac. Whenever one touches the tilde+grave accent key (the one below the esc key) Sketchup crashes.

It does not happen with any other application.

Running Sketchup 2021, Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6.

What I found was that SketchUp 2021 requires MacOS 10.14 or newer.
I don’t know what the magic meaning of the tilde is on MacOS, but I wonder if the crash is caused by an extension. Or are those keys a shortcut to something?

The problem happens if you are using a U.S. International PC keyboard. You could change your keyboard type, and then the crash shouldn’t happen.

The problem is fixed in SketchUp 2022, but if you can’t use that version you would need to change your keyboard type in System Settings:

Hi Colin,

I am not using U.S. International PC keyboard but the Brazilian Pro. Just in case, I installed the British keyboard but the crashes are still happening. Just now we found that the double quote key (to the left of the return key) is also causing the crashes.

Would throwing away the Sketchup preferences help?

The first thing I checked was whether that key was being used for a shortcut. It is not.


You do have a subscription that allows you to try SketchUp 2022. Could you try that, and see if the crash still happens?

I don’t think deleting preferences would help.

I am afraid I cannot install 2022 in that machine.

I have two iMacs running Sketchup. The one I use runs Mac OS Big Sur and Sketchup 2022. Everything is fine with it.

The problem is happening in my older iMac. In that one I cannot install 2022 because the the OS is High Sierra. The machine will not accept newer systems and 2022 does not work with High Sierra.