Counting De-DEcfied blocks

Hi there,
i know that counting dynamic blocks won’t work on dynamically generated copies,
so I use the entered/ calculated parameter (e.g. number_of_copies…)

But de-dcfying the dynamic blocks gets a strange behaviour:

If selected the entire component with different component inside, it won’t count them:

Selecting the components inside of the component, it gets all if it:

i hope I explained well, does anybody have a solution for that?

Are you sure about this?

DC Copies

Will you share the DC?

as James says, however individual copies that have different characteristics cannot be quantified, so a formula that increases the height of a copy by 100mm cannot be viewed correctly in the inhouse report writer, whereas with OCL you can. Open Cut List should be considered as a better choice with report generator used for specific data.

As I often use Dynamic components, is there any possibility to embed properties from opencutlist (e.g. left or right handle window) in opencutlist? That is the reason often not to use OCL…

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to do that or if it is possible.

Do you mean ‘embed attributes from DCs in Open Cut List’ or ‘embed OCL properties to DC/Component’?

I only see on option for DCs in OCL, “Use the Attribute Name of Dynamic Components”.

Maybe you could use Tags and Badges to get the info you need.

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