Custom dynamic component spec in Opencutlist

Hi there,

is there any chance to get the custom dynamic component properties to be listet in Opencutlist?
Would be really really great!!!

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Hi @mkluth70 ,

Can you give me an example ?


The three other common attributes under component info may be enough

as data can be summarized by formula directed to custom attributes from these


It’s an idea, but currently, only the Name attribute is used in replacement of the definition name of the part. Description field could follow the same process, but Summary and ItemCode are new fields for OCL parts. Is this really a clean solution ?

I know that SU reports permits to extract DC custom fields. But it’s a strange way to extract them. Because the whole list is defined by the addition of all custom attributes defined on all DC presents in the model. Not very clean solution too, no ?

Hi there,

but this data in component info I can’t recall in OCL or I don’t know how to do, except for the name.
My intention is to have 1 process to count and summarize a project. Not only a cutlist, but also e.g. window with size, direction, optional specs as glass satinated or not. Or when I have a component as an electrical plug, the height.
OCL is great, but I can’t implement custom attributes corresponding to dynamic component attributes. And making a report is great as I can extract all data I want and can work with it in excel, e.g separate by tag, material ecc. But the report doesn’t work properly when I have dynamic components with copies…
Maybe I want too much from sketchup, but would be great just to have a report from a project,
and then extract in excel different tables as cutlist for wooden frames, part list of electrical installation, squaremeters of wall cladding ecc.

@boris.beaulant Don’t know if I understand you right, but in my opinion it is a clean solution, you can define which attributes to implement in the report.

What is not clean in my opinion is that the list of available custom attributes visible in report conf is computed from all custom attributes configured separately on component that can represent completely different things with completely different value type. Everything is merged only on the attribute’s name. This is more de tweak solution than a clean and safe solution for me :slight_smile:

The main goal of OpenCutList is to be a cut list extension mainly for woodworking. It could be a trap to make it a “do everything” extension.
But I understand that it could be quite frustrating to be so close to the solution.

If possible, I would like that,
currently your cut list is better than the “generate report”, especially in regards to DC internal copies and material handling, the edge banding is a bonus.

Having an extra DC field other than Name will really help. (as one can divide the description with delimiters that can be read via VBA to pass any DC data to excel fields) Otherwise using the Name on its own makes the designation cluttered, I rather have it refence just its parent and own part name (position) rather than all other data.

Else, the main problem to use custom DC attributes is that OCL have to split part when those custom attributes have different values.

We have to keep in mind that OCL merge in a part several instance of the same component definition that share :

  • the same transformed dimensions and flip
  • the same material
  • the same OCL badges
  • the same edges pattern
  • the same faces pattern
  • the same DC NAME attribute if enabled

Adding description in this process will add a new level of this complexity.
And it’s a new level for each attribute we will add.

I’m not sure that it’s good option to add as much complexity.