Multiple property change

Hi there,

I would be glad, if there was a possibility to edit multiple component properties or tags at once.
For now I have to click every single component that I want to change the properties like description or tag…Is there another way or would the be a useful feature request?

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Are you speaking of Dynamic Attributes used with the Dynamic Components extension ?

If so, then reassign this topic to the Dynamic Components category.

And I believe this has already been requested.

I kind of think that no new features would be added to the DC extension.
It seems that Trimble policy for the future is to promote Live Components.

No Dan,
as I posted it under extension & cutlist, I mean in opencutlist to edit description or tag.
I will be clearer next time…

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No problem. @boris.beaulant

Hi, thank you for the mention @DanRathbun.

@mkluth70, yes you can edit multiple parts with OpenCutList :wink:

Select parts :

Edit parts :

Note that this can be done only on parts that share same cutlist group (same material and thickness).

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…and thats the point. If I think of e.g. a furniture made of 2 bodies, I would like to assign each component the body it belongs to. So I can make the cutlist, but then I will be able to group easily the parts after cutting everything…

This will do what you need.

You just need to repeat the edition on each cutlist group.

Else, to isolate a specific furniture in the model, the easiest way is select this furniture in the 3D model and regenerate the cutlist.

Shure, this is a workaround, but as we for example are building wall elements, so for one project may be we have 10 of them, it would be a great thing to make a complete cutlist and easily assign all components to the wall elements. So I can export the cutlist to excel and sort/ separate how I need it…

would also be great if the export included the parent component so this would solve it either…

THanks anyway for the great work with opencutlist!

If you use Labels, you can use group and see the group instance name :

If you need to export “parent” path, you need to export List of Instances, not “Parts list”.

One line per instance in “List of Instances” export :

Wow, thank you Boris, tha is what I am looking for!
It ist only a pity that sketchup gives a number to the path, until I Rename it.
But that is a minor thing!


To see what I mean:
Wandmodul_1 is my renaming, <Wandmodul_1> is the name of the component.
Until I don’t rename it in the outliner, the path in the export list is just a number, after renaming it is the name given…

Yes, it uses the Instance name only. And use the entity unique identifier if no Instance Name is defined.
But your remark is interesting. May be should we use the same logic as SketchUp with <Definition> notation if instance name is empty … :thinking:

Hi Boris, me again 8)…
Now I have the case that the label would be good:

But in my list I get a bunch of numbers…makes it not so easy…

sorry for bothering you…

Yes, but Labels and Export target a different needs.

  • In labels we remove the empty group names and provide a “virtual” path that ignore parent groups or components without name. Because Labels target human read.
  • In Export we want to display the exact structure of the model. Because it cans target computer read. Then parent groups or components without names are replaces by the unique identifier of the drawing element. Nothing is ignored.

In the next 5.0, it will be possible to define your own strategy of how real path are exported through formula. But in 4.x, it’s hard coded.

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