OpenCutList by model, not material

Hi, I’d like to know if there’s a way of organizing my CutList (with the OpenCutList Extension) by models and not by material?
The problem is that I have different models in one document and when I print the cutlist for it, all of the model would get mixed and it gets a little messy, is there a way of making cutlists by models, or a way of tagging them automatically?

@boris.beaulant might help you on this one.

I taught it for a bit last year, from what I recall, no, you can’t. not straight away.

What you could do is either have a single object per file, or create duplicates of materials.
for example, create 2 identical plywoods, one for each model within the same file. But it might become a bit messy.

I don’t recall if we tried it at the time, have you checked if by turning a model invisible (either by outliner or tag) it doesn’t solve your issue ? I mean, does opencutlist takes in consideration invisible elements too ?

you can use the name alternative.

name the parent say “Unit 3”, then name a child side, =parent!name & " Left Side"

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OpenCutList groups parts by materials because the treatment must be different on each material.
Your case may contains only one material, but in general case a “module” contains several different materials.

Then if we want to groups part by “module”, it’s not to replace material, but to add a new top level … and complexity in part list.

Answer from @pcmoor is currently the best solution. Include in part’s description the module name and sort on description first.

Else, you can generate a part list for each “module” manually just by selecting it before. OpenCutList generate part list only on what is visible or selected.

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