Cutlist extension component names reporting

Hi all

I am having trouble getting the component name I want reported in cutlist. I will try to explain best I can.

I make a component and name it “shelf a” immediately, I know I will need a few similar later on. I get it the way I want with corner cuts etc.
I then make a copy of the “shelf a” and make it unique as I need this “pattern” but longer for example. I rename the copy “shelf b” in the outliner.
However, when sent to cutlist “shelf b” is named “shelf a #1” or similar in the cutlist.

I must be doing it wrong somehow, as this has happened before. I may have 5 or so of these components in the list and it gets confusing which one is which.
I think I know a way round it but, don’t fancy tackling this one that way round.

Your help much appreciated.

Rename the component in Entity Info, not in Outliner. Make sure you are changing the Definition Name. Shelf a#1 would be the name SU gave to the component when you made it unique.

Ah, yes

I recall a topic weeks ago when you advised me on this, saying it is ok to rename and it will get reported correctly.
I always rename in outliner that’s the problem then.
I just spent the best part of two days on a large garden building with lots of unique parts, only to find I have an “unrecognisable” cutlist.

I do seem to learn the hard way. I’ll let you know how I get on later. I’ve switched off for now, my eyes sting and I have “scroll-itis”!

Thanks for the help as always

It’s certainly OK to rename components. I just didn’t think you’d do anything but change the definition name in Entity Info.

How are you changing the name in Outliner?

Do indeed let me know how you get on. Enjoy the break, though.

In outliner I highlight name and:
Right click-menu pop up- rename

It’s the wrong one I’m changing isn’t it!
I think you"d call it “goofy” in your part of the world.

Yes. You aren’t changing the definition name. You are changing the instance name. Try it once with Entity Info open.

The Cutlist is reporting the definition name.

Goofy could be used. :smiley:

I understand now, my outliner always looks beautiful but completely useless it turns out.
I smelt a rat weeks ago when you said, I can only put this down to a prime example of bad you-tube tuition!

Time to change, for sure.

I hope it wasn’t my tuition. :slight_smile:

I rarely ever use instance names for components. sometimes for nested components but almost never for the bottom level components which is what CutList reports.

Change is good.

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I use instance names when a copy is transformed, especially by flipping along an axis, such as these legs. They are instances of the same component, but due to the mirror symmetry are not actually identical. Unfortunately, CutList will report them as quantity 2 of the same thing even if you name the instances differently, e.g. “left leg” and “right leg”. The names in the model at least help me to remember - though I’ve more than once worked too fast without thinking and made two left legs!

Good suggestion, Steve. I usually don’t even bother with adding instance names for things like that since it won’t come up in the plan.

Well my goofiness feels slightly lower now! I have not made two left legs “yet”.
They would be called front, on the cutlist I would add l/r handed note. I setup the job in such a way that they are machined in pairs

“Touch wood”

Great suggestion though, adding more detail.

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Hi Dave

Just a quick update, I have successfully fixed “the error of my ways”. I have been through the model (of 340 components) and removed all instance names and corrected the definition names. I worked through it methodically and was able to take advantage of the “component-ness”.

It ended up being a fairly simple task, despite the first thought of going back through it :weary:

The outliner is all neat and tidy, bounding boxes tightly fit and Cutlist is reporting the correct names and sizes(hooray).

I know why I’ve been getting odd results now, it’s easy when you know how! I’m very meticulous about how I go about things, just been going about it the wrong way. I’ll put it down as “experience”.

Thanks Dave, simple solution but a very valuable lesson learned, onwards and upwards :smiley:

No. It wasn’t in your “top ten” anyway!

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the update. I’m glad you got it all squared away. It’s really nice when your model is clean and shiny and everything works right. Next time around you’ll know more about what you can do to save yourself going back over the model and even if you do have to go back to make changes, you’ll be able to make them easily and efficiently.

Now, off to the shop with you. :smiley:


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I have a similar problem.
I have a dynamic cabinet, and it’s defined inside it to generate a name for every component. For example, I have a cabinet with front,side and floor. If I make it 70cm wide, for every part it will say “cabinet 70 floor”, “cabinet 70 side”, etc. How can I get cutlist to get the names from that and not from definition in entity info window? what do I have to change in cutlist files to get that?

If you are that far with the Dynamic Component, it does not take many steps to do what cutlist does?

I assume you are talking about CutList 4 extension. By design this extension works from the Component Definition names not the Instance names so that if there are four copies of the same Component you see it reported as quantity 4 of the same thing in the list. The existing version has no means to override this behavior and does not know anything about Dynamic Components.

Unfortunately, the original maintainer of CutList 4 passed away a few years ago, so the code is effectively frozen. I asked about taking over support in the EW and was told that there is no way for the EW to do this except to “steal” the code and re-issue it as if it is a new extension. I haven’t felt motivated to swim against the tide…

Edit: if the copies are scaled differently, CutList 4 will report them each on a different line but the “description” column will still be the Component Definition name, not the instance name.

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Yes, I’m talking about CutList 4. If you open CutListAndMaterials.rb file you will see that inside is written

" Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided something the above copyright notice appear in all copies."

Is it complicated to modify it? I have zero knowledge about programming, otherwise I would do it myself.

Yes, I know that cutlist will report them on different line if they have different dimensions.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what do you mean by that? What steps are required to get the name of the component from instance name?

Guys! is it possible, i am also trying hard to get this! . Hope someone will look into this.

Is what possible? What are you trying hard to get? Be specific. Share a SketchUp model that shows the problem.

Hi DaveR.,
Thanks for looking into it, i am generating the cutlist by using SteveR’s Plugin. I would like to report the component name along with the description or along with the part. Say “B1D1D - BAC” or"B1D1D - BTM". Such that it will be easy to identify in the production floor, that the Back panel belongs to this cabinet B1D1D.
Also attached the Sketchup file
ThanksB1D1D.skp (725.9 KB)