Dynamic Instance Names


TL/DR : Can you propagate instance name from parent components to sub components?

I’m doing a set of cabinets where each panel (main component) is the same assembly of several workpieces (sub components, ie. front panel, back panel, front edge, back edge…) with various dimensions.

I use the OpenCutList plugin to generate my cut lists which can display component definition and instance name. Since every sub component has the same Component definition (and no instance name), I’m getting an unusable cut list (30x front panels, back panels, front edges, back edges…).

I would like to be able to set an instance name on one main component instance (ie. UpperRail) and that the instance name would propagate to the sub components (ie. UpperRailFrontPanel, UpperRailBackPanel, UpperRailFrontEdge, UpperRailBackEdge…)

Is there a way to accomplish such a thing with Dynamic Components?

you can use the name attribute, an option in OCL see


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Thanks pcmoor, I didn’t see the “Use attribute Name of dynamic components” option.
It’s perfect!