Sequential Number of Added Dynamic Components

I am a custom cabinet designer and I am running into a problem with Dynamic Components (DC). I have made a few DC’s for the base carcass of the typical types of cabinets, named all the Components that make up with DC. (eg. Side Panel, Sub-Toe Kick, Nailers, Back Panel, ect.) The problem is that when I place more than 1 cabinet in a drawing, for example, a complete 10 cabinet kitchen. I now have 20 Nailers, 20 Side Panels, 10 Back Panels, ect., all with the same name.

I am looking for something to add to my DC that I can change the name of the Parent Container of the DC to something like 1.01. Then have this name filter down through all the components in the DC. So the DC Container1.01 would have a Nailer named 1.01 Nailer. DC 1.02 would have a Nailer named 1.02 Nailer.

Tags and instances don’t work as I use an extension called OCL to generate cut lists from my models. This extensions references the component name for labeling. I am sure I am asking too much of DC’s, but I feel I cannot be the only person having this issue, so someone smarter than me must have figured something out by now.

Thanks in advance.

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