Instances and the parent object name

I am trying to name my subcomponents by concatenating the name in the name attribute of the subcomponent. If I edit the component object name (cab6), by editing in the attribute window all works fine. When I place the component from my library and enter the instance name it will set the component name automatically. The problem is that when I do it that way it doesn’t update the subcomponents correctly and instead uses the original components _Name. How can I make it use the name set by the instance? Hope this makes some sense.

instance name only works in DCs if the attribute “Name” is "’ and the DC is inserted from a saved definition.
The above “cab6” I believe has its component definition within this file and not an instance of an external saved DC, hence no change using a instance name of “cab2”

“_name” refers to the original instance or component name, “_name” only coincides with early development of the DC. You can change this via component inspector (extension).

There is a disconnect as you observed, I think one needs a ruby script, on selection to update _name to instance name.

Further to your workflow development: do you use OpenCutList? then the attribute “Name” could be the best connection

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