How to make dynamic component for the design

Attached herewith the partition model. I would like to make it as dynamic component so that when ever the width or height changed, rest of the panel sizes to be updated.

The model seems weird and complicated to make it as dynamic component. Any help.
Partition_02.skp (101.8 KB)

What would be the rules for updating the partition elements when you scale the overall dimensions? Which verticals would move? Which horizontal shelves? In proportion everywhere? Or in a way that would change the shape?

Alternatively, explode all of the shelf/partition components, and just use the native Select and Move tools in front view parallel projection.

Far simpler, and you could adjust the positions of the partitions and shelves as you wish for the changed overall dimensions.

These shelves would be structurally stronger if you ran the shelf ends over the verticals. And the overlap pattern is not consistent between left and right verticals.

But maybe you want it the way it is for other reasons?

You have a few loose edges and faces in your shelf and partition components.They became evident when I moved or adjusted the size of individual components in the original model.

I exploded all subcomponents and remade into one component. Open it for editing to change the size and shape of all or parts of it, using a window (Left to Right) selection and the Move tool.

Partition_02 JWM.skp (92.5 KB)

Hi John.,

Thank for the update.

The rules will be when the overall dimension has been updated, the all the horizontal and vertical panels to be updated in proportion everywhere, without changing the design.

As I was Cataloguing / Standardizing the components to the design users, so that they wont work on the each panel dimension changes. And also preparation of cutlist will be done without user interference.

Also can you highlight this, so that i can check at my end.

Well, after I first exploded the inner components, I found some loose edges and faces, but I cannot now reproduce this - each individual group or component is solid, and when I now explode and move them, they don’t leave any loose edges or faces any more. Must have been something I did, not you. My apologies.

Do you need to make many of these partitions of different overall sizes? If not, I still think it would be quicker to edit the original manually as many times as you need, rather than take the time to create a dynamic component.

But perhaps @pcmoor can suggest a way of creating a DC quickly.

Thanks @john_mcclenahan for your feedback, Appreciate it.

Yes, i need to make the partition for different sizes, depends on the space planning.
And i need to work on many more partitions like this kind of design. Hence i requested for the quick way of doing it.
Lets wait for @pcmoor feedback on this.


If the sides have axis inward then they resize uniformly, however if one is setback for a thickness the scale involves this setback as well, forming a gap. As easily observed. If a component is made up of an invisible line and a group, where the line is the overall, with the group of the shape station on the line at the thickness of the setback and length to the next set back, then the uniformity scale of the line is kept.

Now despite the overall, OCL reads the shape group, not the line because its invisible.
So can make a component that can be copied, positioned and scaled to create the given pattern and it should work without the need for fancy formulas.

  • painted material should be govern by OCL, raw edges can be painted on the component.
  • naming concepts, best to use Name for OCL and parent!name for the connections.
  • use a generic name for the component with a specific instance names same as its Name
  • instance and Name should match

So this reusable component could have a list of common names and an option for custom.
Place and scale to match existing, rotate so axis on outside facing in of box like structure

I show the axis inside the new component, this is to show placement and rotation, axis in on a box structure, extended lines on external where the shape does not meet the external edge of “box” used, plain non extended between “boxes”

PARTITION.skp (285.3 KB)

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@pcmoor . Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation with reprogramming entire model. Appreciate your awesome work. :slight_smile: