Copy paste limit?

Is there a limit on copy / paste ?

I’ve had this problem for years but now I’m fed up with hacks and workarounds. Is there a limit?
If there is then at least I know and I can forget the frustration and get on with life.

I want to copy and paste a building into a new file so I can export an .fbx. Yes I’m aware I can create a component and save it out but is there a limit? or is this just another bug?

Ah yes, but then I cant paste in place.

Maybe you could share some specification of a (the) building that you failed to copy / paste (in place)? Number of edges and faces, objects, etc.

it doesn’t really matter. I just wondered if there was a limit. There seems to be.

This is just a house with some suff inside it.

Since copy and paste use the operating system’s “clipboard”, any file size restriction is likely to come from the OS if there is any at all. I’ve copied some very large files from one SketchUp session to another. Sometimes it just takes a while to get it all copied. It does go though.

not for me.

I wait for the beachball to stop on copy. SU utilisation is zero afterwards.
Paste or paste in place. Nothing.
You get a feel for it. this will go, this one is on the edge , this one wont.
Thats why I wondered if there was a hard ceiling.
I have a ton of RAM so that shouldn’t be a problem.

not if you ‘change axis’ to the origin of the master model. Safer and faster then to rely on clipboard.
I have also noticed that some apps interfere with the clipboard contents on Mac. Teamviewer, Sonos,Copied, Duet comes in mind.

This is something I’ve also noticed with SketchUp moreso than other similar software…exponentially slower copy & paste actions as file/object size increases.
It will work, eventually.

yes there are workarounds - helpful of forum users to suggest - but ultimately escaping the fundamental issue, which is the Copy+Paste speed is actually very slow. AND it has No Escape/Cancel function so you may be in for a Long wait (coffee break) before you realise what you’ve done.

It’s not the hard drive, it’s Sketchup packaging and streaming data to the clipboard. the Copy operation stresses the CPU, not the hard drive or RAM. Most of the CPU energy is directed to SKP app, not Windows System process.

A few things to try but unlikely to do much:
There might be some windows 10 settings worth checking… windows 10 had a clipboard update in October 2018, but enterprise users didnt get it…not sure if that’ll help (I dont have it).You should be able to search Clipboard after clicking on Settings if you have it. It might have a cache size limit or offer a location for cached data.
You can also manually Optimize the SSD drive if it isnt set to Automatic. (click on this PC then then drive icon, then Optimize (which is the new term for defragging).
Virus scanning software can interfere with the clipboard - anything set to “on demand” scanning will really slow down copy & paste. Try disabling that.
I have yet to try an NVMe drive, but that’s my next step. Will report back if i see a significant increase in copy+past speed, but I’m doubtful.

I’m on an nvme ssd, actually I don’t have to wait long, maybe 10 seconds At most on a large asset.
It just there is no feedback, it appears to have copied but does nothing on paste.

I usually set up a ‘benchmark’ orientation cube, copy and paste in place, save the asset out as a component and then dump it in the new file.

I was just wondering if there was an unwritten limit on copy.

I Have the same sort of thing with layout, I cannot copy / paste viewports between pages. I have to duplicate the page, then delete and change what I don’t want.’s%20no%20size%20limit,folder%2C%20which%20might%20help%20you.

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So an SU thing then.
I don’t have issues copy pasting within other apps.
I regularly copy/ paste gigabyte range orthomosaics In photoshop.