Combine Texture


Hello everyone, I’m trying to combine materials into one texture, however every time I used the combine texture in sketch up one of the materials disappear. Any issues whats causing this? thank you


What do you mean by combine texture?


this feature


What s the name of the plugin that lets you do that? That will allow people to better understand your issue.


thats not a plug in, its already with sketchup.


Could you upload the SKP file?


Yes. This is a native feature.


it’s a native feature, that can be tricky to invoke… echo,echo…

I find copy/paste in place to a new model >> select the faces >> combine texture >> copy/paste in place back to the source model works for me…



Interesting. Ive never seen this.


@Geo provides an example skp on the topic below…



bso.skp (555.4 KB)
Here is the skp file, been having a problem combining the texture lately which is used to be handy rather than doing it in image editor.


The faces with the various textures must be coplanar.
I suspect your windows and wall are a fraction off ?

If I copy the wall and two windows, to the side, rotate all so it’s flat, then select the faces, then their textures combine just fine…


Is this workaround related to Mac? Have to try, cause I also have issues with the combine textures tool

edit : Combine textures works fine in 2015 and 2016; stopped working properly in 2017… (MAC)



It worked properly for me in 2017 on Mac.


Allas ! I was working on a wall texture in 2017 and it didn’t work, I saw you’re picture of the floor and tried to apply on a face on the ground plane and it worked ! Strange , though ? So it will only work on backfaces drawn on the ground plane…(2017)
edit : also on front faces on the ground plane…


I didn’t apply the textures to the back faces. I applied them to the front. Didn’t test on a vertical surface, though.


You can also use comvibe texture to combine colors.


Same here … (Windows)
Combine Textures works fine on vertical and horizontal faces in SU 2016.
In SU 2017, Combine Textures fails on vertical faces, but works as expected on horizontal faces.

@Bryceosaurus This appears to be a Bug / Regression in 2017

Here’s the SU 2016 example model referenced in post #10 above.
Combine Textures.skp (138.8 KB)

Combine Textures Not Working in 2017 Pro

It would be great if we could combine textures on faces that are not coplanar.


How would that be an advantage. To apply later on not coplanar faces? Or just the ‘Combine’ operation itself.
Just curious.