Making multiple Textures a Single Image

Is there a way to take a model with a bunch of textures and convert it into a single texture, such as Minecraft skins?

Thanks in advance.

Select the textured faces (coplanar faces!) and right click on one of them > select ‘Combine Textures’ in the appearing context menu.
It is now available in the ‘In Model’ material library.

You have the choise to erase (or not) the surrounding edges of these faces while combining them into one texture.

The faces need to be coplanar but don’t need to be not touching.

as @g.h.hubers said, you can combine coplanar textures into one, but I bet this doesn’t cover you since you want to apply a single texture around a 3d model.

To do that you need UVW unwrapping. (this is how this method is called) and the only plugin that I know that does that in sketchup is this: (69$)

however, if your model is very simple (like a minecraft figure) you could do the ‘poor man’s unwrapping’:

make a copy of your model, unwrap the faces using (free)

then apply separate textures on the flattened faces and when you are finished combine them into a single texture. copy that single texture and apply it to the original model. that way and with a little bit of tweeking it should work fine.(you just need to align it well to the first face, and from then on, sketchup usually makes a texture ‘flow’ nicely between neighboring faces)

alternatively, you can export a top view (paralllel projection) of your flattened model into photoshop, draw on it and import it into sketchup as a texture and apply it to the original model.

I wish I could post some pictures, but I’m not in my own pc right now…