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So I’ve been making models in Sketchup for a decade now, but only recently have those models started to leave Sketchup. Currently I am making items for Tabletop Simulator, which allows you to import a textureless obj file and a single diffuse texture map. I have been scouring the internet for ways to get Sketchup to produce one, and while I haven’t come up short I have been left confused and overwhelmed, which isn’t any better. Please:

  1. Other than WrapR (Which is not for my platform and therefore not of use to me), do any of the existing extensions out there allow you to select a Sketchup model painted with multiple different textures (e.g. a house) and export an unwrapped texture map as single image? (Something that looks like the thing on the left:

  1. If not, does anyone know how to make this happen in Blender with a SketchUp file? I know how to export a Sketchup file so that all my textures cary over the Blender (as a Collada file), but beyond there things break down. The moment I go to unwrap my Sketchup model, all my imported textures break, and thus I am back to zero.

What can I do? Any help? Ultimately I could learn to apply textures in Blender by a find this to be an excruciatingly miserable experience compared to Sketchup, which makes it so ■■■■ easy and user-friendly. Would really like not not have to textures in Blender just to produce a lousy texture map.

Thank you.

Baking multiple textures into a single one | Blender (v2.93.5)

Export the textured SketchUp 3D model as an OBJ (or DAE) file. Import it into Blender and using a new UV map, bake all the textures into a single one diffuse texture map.

I created this short guide:


I am very satisfied with the exchange between SketchUp and Blender using the 3DS format. I never need to rework a texture in Blender with this format.

On the other hand, to switch from Blender to SketchUp, the DAE format may be better.

Another point, if you move a file and lose a texture, there is in “File” menu a very practical function to find textures: “external data / find missing files”

section cut in Blender

Sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to watch your video before now, but I have been busy all week and this is my first chance. I am sorry to say that this isn’t a solution to my problem. As I said above: “The moment I go to unwrap my Sketchup model, all my imported textures break, and thus I am back to zero.”

For example: in this model the wall with the picture of Nancy Sinatra is all one texture laid out in Sketchup so that a boring motel wallpaper has a painting on it (this is just for test purposes with a random image I had lying around). The moment you smart unwrap, the textures grow completely distorted:

I am looking for a way to unwrap my model in such a way that the existing textures are not rescaled.

Just try and follow all the steps in the tutorial and you will be surprised to find that you will get that desired texture.

I also tested based on the new info you added (image in the middle of the wall) and it’s ok, it’s normal that in the first phase there are some changes in the textures, since you create a new unwrappping and uv mapping.



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