How do I Import And Export UV's Through Sketchup and Blender?

Since sketchup cannot UV map, I use blender. But I don’t know how to import and export UV’s from blender. Does anyone know how to do that? Oh, and i already tried exporting the whole model as a .dae. Sketchup overlaps the lines. I hope someone has a solution.

SketchUp can UV map just fine. It also respects imported objects UV maps. What it can’t do natively is UV unwrapping.

There’s a tool for that called Wrap-R.

If you managed to export a Collada/DAE file for blender you can select your model in blender and uv unwrap the model there. The textures won’t overlap any longer, then export the model back to DAE, import the model back to SketchUp. You should be careful with the exporting options from blender and I just can’t remember the correct ones now (it has something to do with materials or textures).

Okay. Thanks for the tip!

You can texture a road directly in SketchUp with Fredo6Tools > ThruPaint

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@mihai.s is the method I use too, however it seems you road is not properly textured in blender either. You’ll have to texture it the way you want it in blender to be able to see it right in SketchUp too.

I already have Fredo6tools with ThruPaint. But I didn’t know that it could do that, Thanks!